Manjushree集团进入印度nwovens market with Reicofil line

September 29, 2023 - India

Leading packaging company Manjushree Group has ventured into the Indian nonwovens industry. The group is leveraging a flexible RF Smart Composite line from Reifenhauser Reicofil to meet diverse customer requirements. Since February 2023, their subsidiary, Manjushree Spntek, has been manufacturing spunmelts using this advanced technology.

The RF Smart Composite line is purpose-built for small and emerging markets, capable of producing nonwovens of the Reicofil quality with suitable throughput. With an annual production uptime of around 8,200 hours, the line offers reliability. It is optimally designed for uses in hygiene and medical technology sectors. One of the added benefits is the line's easy integration into existing buildings, allowing for swift commencement of production, Reifenhauser said in a press release.

"We invest in modern, technology-based companies that are shaping the future," said Rajat Kedia,managing director at Manjushree Ventures. "A detailed market study revealed a large growth potential in disposable medical products and hygiene items. That's why we founded Manjushree Spntek.”